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Voyageur's & Isle Royale National Parks

The Boundary Waters and a Royale Island visit

I love planning vacations and I look at National Parks. I know that visiting all 63 National Parks is unlikely but we will see as many as we are able. Since I live in Minnesota, there is no excuse not to go see Voyageurs National Park. When planning I realized that there is a National Park in Michigan that you actually access from Northern Minnesota via ferry. I figured it would be perfect but after looking into it, while it does look close on a map, there is a lot of water and forest making the drive not all that close.

Our plans may change, but as of now, we are planning to make this a camping trip and pull the camper. We will likely camp at Voyageur National Park for 2 days, then move to Grand Marais area. There is a ferry there that would take us to Isle Royal National Park.

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