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North Dakota Best for Last

Yes I'm corny, yes I want the T-Shirt, yes I want the certificate.

North Dakota is so close to us. It's one of our neighbors in fact. When I read about North Dakota's "Best for Last" club I decided I was in no rush to visit the state, so I changed up my plans a little and we are ending in North Dakota.

While I have technically been to North Dakota, Matthew hasn't and we haven't since we've been together. So it is the final state on our combined journey to 50 states. Obviously since we are going we will see more of the state as well.

Day 1: Drive to Medora

  • Fargo-Moorhead Visitor Center (Best for Last Certificate yay!!)

Day 2: Theodore Rosevelt National Park

  • Scenic Loop Drive

  • Petrified Forest

  • Elkhorn Ranch

Day 3: Visit Medora area/Theodore Rosevelt National Park

  • Little Missouri Saloon

  • Burning Hills Open Amphitheater

Day 4: Drive to Bismarck

  • Enchanted Highway

  • Salem Sue

  • North Dakota State Capital

  • Heritage Center and Museum

  • Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

  • Lewis and Clark Riverboat

  • Art Alley

Day 5: Drive to Fargo

  • Tower Travel Center Cafe

  • Frontier Village

  • World's Largest Buffalo

  • Movie at The Fargo

  • Dinner at Wurst Bier Hall

Day 6: Drive Home

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