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Niagara Falls Camping Roadtrip

Niagara Falls, Racoon Creek and Hocking Hills

I've been to New York City, Matthew has not. Someday we may go for a weekend, but when I put together our 50-state plan, we decided to hit New York by visiting the western edge. We will be pulling our camper and staying in multiple states.

We will drive a lot on this trip and then stay two days at a time to see three parks. Niagara Falls is the obvious bucket list destination. I am hoping to cross into the Canada side since I've heard it is even better there. We will also visit Racoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania, and Hocking Hills State Park on our way back home.

This will be our second multi-state camping trip so we know we can handle it. Booking two days for several of the stops should make it easier. It is definitely harder to explore on the drive not knowing where you can safely pull off with a camper, so my planning was limited to when we arrive at our destinations.

Day 1: Drive to Michigan City Campground

Day 2: Drive to Lake Erie State Park

Day 3: Explore Niagara Falls

  • Cave of the Winds

  • Prospect Point

  • Bridal Veil Falls

  • Luna Island

  • Rainbow Bridge

  • Crow's Nest

  • American Falls Bridge

Day 4: Racoon Creek State Park

Day 5: Explore Racoon Creek State Park

  • Frankfort Springs

  • Mineral Springs Loop Trail

Day 6: Drive to Hocking Hills State Park

Day 7: Explore Hocking Hills State Park

  • John Glenn Astronomy Park

  • Ash Cave

  • Old Man’s Cave

Day 8: Drive to D&W Lake Camping

Day 9: Drive home

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