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Louisiana LSU Baseball

Baseball, Bourbon Street and Bayou

We visited New Orleans and watched an LSU Football game for my son's 16th birthday. When putting vacations together for 2024 I gave a bunch of different options for him to chose from, and he insisted he wanted to go back to Louisiana. Mostly for the food, but this time we are going to watch an LSU Baseball game as well.

Our first visit was the last home game of the regular season in November, and it was cold and rainy. We are hoping for better weather this time. The day we spent in New Orleans was constant rain making it less enjoyable than we would've liked. On that trip we hit 3 states: Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Since we aren't trying to check any new states off, this time we will spend the entire time in Louisiana.

We will enjoy a day in Baton Rouge, some time in New Orleans and take an airboat ride through the bayou.

Day 1: Fly into New Orleans

  • Bourbon Street

  • French Quarter

  • DiMartino's Famous New Orleans Muffulettas

  • Cochon

Day 2: Visit New Orleans

  • French Market Cafe Du Monde

  • Airboat Tour

  • Commander

Day 3: Baton Rouge

  • LSU Baseball Game

  • Mike the Tiger's Habitat

  • Old State Capital

  • USS Kidd Veteran Memorial

Day 4: Fly Home

  • Magazine Street

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