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Charlotte, NC

A long weekend in Charlotte, NC

We had planned to visit North Carolina in 2026 for the first time. That changed when we realized that our 2024 vacations were in June and October. We looked at different options for a long weekend somewhere warmer than Minnesota in February, to break up the wait for our bigger trips. We settled on Charlotte!

Our original plan for North and South Carolina will still take place, as that is mostly a cost trip filled with beaches and coastal cities. But, now we get to mark off North Carolina two years early!

We settled on President's Day Weekend in February, as the kids have school off, so it will only be 1 missed day. After planning everything and close to ready to book, I was informed I will be in Chicago the Thursday and Friday of that week for a work event (we planned to leave Thursday). So, we are still taking the trip, but Matthew and Whitney will fly there Thursday, while I fly to Chicago, and I will then fly to Charlotte Friday to meet them.

Matthew is a little nervous about this because I am the planner and I keep us organized. I'm excited to see how they do on their one day without me. Below is our itinerary for Charlotte.

Day 1: Matthew and Whitney fly to Charlotte

  • Rent car

  • Check into Hotel

Day 2: Visit Charlotte, Jamie flies to Charlotte

  • Famous Toastery Uptown

  • Harvey B. Gantt Center

Day 3: Visit Charlotte

  • NoDa

  • Mural Walk

  • Nascar Hall of Fame

  • Mint Museum

Day 4: Visit outside area

  • Lake Norman

  • The Green

Day 5: Fly Home

  • Cathedral of St. Patrick

  • Arco Corporate Center

This trip is completed! Check it out here:

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