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Alaska Dream Vacation

Alaska Dream Vacation - 2 weeks in the Last Frontier

I never knew how much I wanted to visit Alaska until I started reading blogs and researching different areas. This trip is the one I am most excited about. We had planned to visit in 2025 for our anniversary, but go in late August/early September to hopefully have a chance of seeing northern lights, and still having decent weather. This changed when we decided to take a vacation to Greece, so we will still do this same itinerary, but moved it out a couple of years.

I researched so much while planning our vacation to Alaska. I originally had planned to book a trip using a travel site but realized I wanted too many modifications that the price was sky high. I started reading blogs, looking at travel packages and then pieced together an itinerary that I thought would work for us. By doing it this way I estimated over $2,000 in savings!

Alaska cruises seem to be the most popular way to visit Alaska, but I honestly have no desire to do that. I've never been on a cruise, and while I think it could be a fun experience, there is too much inland that I want to do and being on the water doesn't accomplish this. I did go back and forth on adding a short cruise from Juneau to Anchorage to kick off our trip, but opted against it. This vacation will be a full two weeks, which is much longer than our usual vacations, and about the longest we can do right now with family and work.

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