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Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama - November 2022

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

For my son’s 16th birthday, we took a trip to Louisiana. He desperately wanted to attend an LSU football game, and I was able to plan our trip so we were at the last home game of the season. I did not over plan this trip, because I wanted it to be his. Though I did set up our days so we could visit 3 states. This was a long weekend, flying in on a Thursday and home Sunday.

We flew into New Orleans and spent some time in the French Quarter, eating lunch and walking the streets for a short time. We tried frog legs, and my son had catfish. The food was excellent and the service was great. We then drove to Biloxi, MS where our hotel for the long weekend was.

The next day we headed east to Mobile, AL, where we had breakfast at a cute little restaurant called The Ruby Slipper Cafe – excellent choice - and walked around the city. We were surprised by how vacant the streets were. There were hardly any cars driving around at all, and almost no one on the sidewalks. We enjoyed walking and shopped at a few of the stores. We then drove around to look at some of the old antebellum style houses in the city. We found a park and walked Gator Boardwalk, but didn’t see any alligators. That evening, back in Biloxi we walked on the pier for a bit, and saw the sunset over the beach. We had dinner at the restaurant in our hotel - The Sapphire Supper Club. It was a 40s theme, with live music and so much fun. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was great. Even my teenager enjoyed this evening.

Saturday we went to New Orleans and walked through the city. Per our usual luck, this day was cold and raining, approximately 40 degrees. We stopped in many shops and enjoyed just seeing the old eclectic buildings. We had lunch at one of the top rated fried chicken restaurants in the city- Willie Mae’s Scotch House. Which meant a very long wait in the rain. They called us before many others that were standing there before us, so we may have taken another Matthew’s table. After lunch we drove and looked at more of the architecture and old houses, then headed to Baton Rouge for the game. As I said, it is about 40 degrees and raining, and the game was at 7:10. Parking for an LSU game is a joke. If you ever visit plan to walk a long way! LSU had already solidified their seat in playoffs, so the game didn’t actually mean anything. They were the 5th rated team, playing ABU. The stadium was packed and we were sitting around a lot of ABU fans. LSU won easily, and due to the weather and the obvious win, the stadium emptied out pretty significantly at half time. Since this was the main event for my son’s birthday trip, we stayed until he had had enough, which was with around 5 minutes left of the game. We missed the fireworks in the stadium, but had we waited our feet may have been too numb to walk back to our car, so I consider ourselves lucky.

Sunday we flew home. We had an afternoon flight, so had planned to eat lunch in New Orleans before dropping our car off and heading to the airport. However, not being familiar with the area our first attempt led us to a neighborhood we were not comfortable exploring. Second attempt landed us at what appeared to be a great choice, with a fun atmosphere and reservations needed or a hour and a half wait for a table. Due to the time it took to find out we weren’t eating at these two we ended up going to the airport, having lunch there.


Day 1 - Arrive in New Orleans, have lunch and drive to Biloxi, MS

Day 2 - Explore Mobile Alabama, sunset at pier in Biloxi, dinner at hotel

Day 3 - Visit New Orleans, Attend LSU Game

Day 4 - Fly home

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